Elisa Pena

Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais

Elisa Pena

Elisa Pena creates her sculptures in terracotta and ferrocement, coating them with iron powder, copper and resins. The rounded shapes with their relief, texture and shades reveal the presence of the land and mountains of Minas Gerais and her determination to explore, discover and create. With the hands of the artist, the sculptures come to life, in forms and serene expressions.

*Elisa Pena has already won several awards and recognitions for her work, such as; bronze medal-Guido Vergani Salon; honourable mention- Pediatric awards in the Kunstwereld-São Paulo-SP; six hors concours titels-Telemig/Telemar-B. Horizonte-MG and the popular jury prize in the 1st humour hall in the Bar-Casa dos Contos-B.Horizonte-MG. among the trophies made by her are: Cauê Award-Symbol Trophy-Beste of theatre and dance; Unimed trophy - B.Horizonte-MG and the Capézio trophy -B.Horizonte-MG; she participated in all editions of the event "Casa-Cor Minas Gerais e Morar Mais". Several of her works have also been used in television series of the national television network "Globo".

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