Everaldo da Silva

Juazeiro do Norte - Ceará


Controverso father cicero died in 1934 at the age of 90. he left behind a whole story with mysteries, ambiguities and contradictions. loved and hated equally by his northeastern contemporaries, he continued to provoke the same feelings of worship and repulsion after his death and perhaps even more so after that. father Cicero lived and grew up in the confluence of two worlds. on the one hand the magical universe of sertanejo mysticism, in which faith in werewolves, punished souls and headless mules and on the other hand worship of the patron saints and the apocalyptic warnings of the popular prophets, who preached the end of time.

Totem with repeated figures is the image of father cicero. hand sculpted and in natural colour.

Totem with repeated figures of the best known image of the priest cicero, sculpted by hand and in the natural colour of wood.

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