Evilásio Leão

Tracunhaém - Pernambuco

Evilásio Leão

Evilásio Leão Machado, Mano de Baé is the son of Mestre Baé (in memorian), grew up with honey from clay and has as its best toys the magic of the instruments of the craftsmen and the pottery ovens.
Mano follows his father's work with subtle changes, but in the process of rules the work approaches the familiar style itself. The changes in shapes, previously rounded off, are now square. This is the most intriguing aspect of his work, the flattened heads and the hair shape of his pieces.
In addition to the traditional creations that give continuity and link with his father's work, Mano de Baé has created new looks, such as the introduction in his design of Maracatu characters and the diversity, the portrayal of fenced same-sex couples and other new elements in his production are the figures of Orixás such as Oxalá, Xangô, Nanã and Iemanjá. Iemanjá is one of the most striking and most reproduced pieces of recent times, personified in Mano's work in the form of Mermaids.

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