Local Artist

Vale do Jequitinhonha-Minas Gerais

Artesão Regional

The piece is a representation of the sapo-bode of the cerrado. The popular art of the craftsmen of the Jequitinhonha Valley reproduces and interprets the connection between man and the quest to stay connected with nature through art. the creation process begins with the grinding to powder of the clay blocks with a mill, after modelling with the string technique (overlapping spiral clay strings carefully united by hand and smoothed with a corncob. In the painting phase, the pieces are colored with the different natural colors of clay. finally, after drying, the parts are fired in the wood furnace for 8 or 12 hours.

* The handcrafted popular pottery of the Jequitinhonha Valley is nationally and internationally known, recognized by Iphan - National Institute for Historical and Cultural Heritage of Brazil.

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