Master André da Marinheira

Boca da Mata-Alagoas

Mestre André da Marinheira

Master André da Marinheira, son of the great sculptor Manoel da Marinheira, is part of the gallery of the great sculptors of Brazil. André's pieces follow the paternal traits, but with more movement.
A feline specialist, he uses pyrography, a technique that uses fire to make stripes of tigers or the stains on the bodies of jaguars and sculpts his works by hand. For this, he uses trunks of umburana, jackfruit and cedar, always taken from trees that no longer bear fruit.
The artisan has already exhibited at art and decoration fairs all over Brazil.
In Bento Moreira Farm, in Boca da Mata, Jorge Tenório Maia's private collection is open to the public is the Manoel da Marinheira Museum, where you can find animals of all types and sizes, almost a zoo of wood animals by André and his brothers, and pieces by the patriarch Manoel himself.

Bench in the form of a jaguar in movement.
Large and beautiful work carved in a block of noble wood and the natural colour of the wood.

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