Master Cornélio

Teresina - Piauí

Mestre Cornélio

Master Cornelius, uses his skilful hands to form wooden sculptures with an impressive wealth of details, made with precise knocks in pieces of cedar wood and pequi. His sculptures usually reproduce local symbols and human figures, and although he follows the important tradition of the santeira art of the state's master sculptors, totems have become his trademark.
With their own style, their pieces are practically a privilege for collectors who dare to wait for the production of an order.
Master Cornélio, José Cornélio de Abreu, was born in 1956 in the municipality of Campo Maior in the state of Piauí. He works in a small room in his house with his son Leonardo de Abreu, who inherited his father's talent and creativity.

*The originality of the Master's work enchants collectors in Brazil and abroad. Recognized as one of the great santeiros of Brazil, master of commerce by the government of the state of Piauí and his art as santeiro by the Institute for National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), as national heritage. His perseverance and creative ability led him to several awards and numerous participations in fairs and exhibitions. Distributed at the Salão de Artesãos Piauienses (1974); I Salão de Janeiro (1976); II Salão Universitário de Arte Santeira (1981) and VII Salão de Artes Plásticas do Piauí, all in Teresina - PI (1981). He participated in exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro - RJ (1976), Teresina - PI (1976); Salvador - BA (1980 and 81); Brasília - DF (1987) and São Paulo - SP (1987 and 88); Córdoba - Argentina (1995); Curitiba - PR and Pádova - Italy (1999). Top 100 Sebrae.

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