Master Fida

Garanhuns - Pernambuco

Mestre Fida

Mestre Fida is recognized throughout Brazil and abroad as a great representative of contemporary Brazilian popular art (Figurative Art) and a master craftsman in the state of Pernambuco. Valfrido de Oliveira Cezar was born in the Quilombola community of Timbó in Garanhuns in the state of Pernambuco.
In his works, he presents iconic pieces such as the Ex-voto, which refers to the mysterious religiousness along with his Our Lady, Heads, Boats with Wind Men, among others created with great care, personality and impeccable finish.
His work, The Wind-Man, was born almost 20 years ago from the memories of a toy given to him by his father - a wind vane - then one of his most recognisable works was born.
In his studio in the centre of Garanhuns, Mestre Fida uses only the saw, a knife and the machete to sculpt his pieces. His raw material is yellow wood, wood from reuse, never green, very typical in the region of Agreste Pernambucano.

*Master Fida's pieces are part of Alameda dos Mestres da Fenearte - Brazil, since 1999. His works have been part of several exhibitions throughout Brazil, among them the Mostra do Rediscobrimento (Rediscovery Exhibition), which took place in São Paulo in 2000 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil. They are exported all over the world. Recognized as a great representative of contemporary Brazilian popular art, its history was documented in the series Inventions of the Soul - Brazilian popular art in a co-production with Canal Arte 1.

Work carved in a single piece of wood with rustic, almost tribal features, impeccable finish and natural colour.
Margenado our imaginary, the work takes us to human heads.

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