Meester João das Alagoas


Mestre João das Alagoas

The works of Master João das Alagoas have unique characteristics. The character Bumba-Meu-Boi, almost his registered trademark, usually in large sizes, wears a kind of cloak with an impressive richness of content and detailed embossing of symbols from everyday life and from the folklore and culture of Alagoana from the northeast. Inscriptions that transform the surface of the piece, this ox is thus an expressive visual story about the cities of the interior of the northeast and its folklore: It´s a storyteller bull .
Beautiful sculpture made of baked clay. After a fire treatment, the piece received colorful details in soft colors that composes a pallet in dialogue with the color of the clay, the blue and earth red are always present and are the colors of Alagoas.

* Master João das Alagoas has been recognized as a living Alagoas heritage since 2011.

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