Master José Alves

Olinda - Pernambuco

Mestre José Alves

The passion for art came from childhood, José Alves da Cruz, son of Mestre Zé Alves, saw his father making wooden toys and others in cans from an early age. The sculptures are made of cinnamon bay wood, which has a strong smell, the texture is easy to handle and resistant to insects, and cinnamon rulers, harvested around their house to make the finish of some pieces. Slave ships, slaves, sacis-pererês, Indians, tribal warriors, flour houses, dolls in paintings... The art of José Alves has a historical content of great value for northeastern Brazil, with its own style to carve, shows strong African influence. Black predominates and red appears in highlights at times.
Countries such as Portugal, France, Mexico, the United States, Spain, Switzerland and several states in Brazil have always received his art by invitation; he represents the state of Pernambuco all over the world in exhibitions of cultural events.
The amount of pieces already made is uncertain, his largest piece, a painting of almost six meters, is in Portugal.

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