Silas Vilela

Bichinhos - Minas Gerais

Silas Vilela

Silas Vilela, sculptor and restorer, takes us into the enchanted universe of clowns, circus and saltimbancos artists through his works made in his craft workshop in the town of Bichinho in the state of Minas Gerais, where he improved his technique with the chisel. He uses details such as the red nose as a basis in various shapes, colours, painting with patina technique and his manual way of sculpting to create his beautiful and expressive works.
In 2005 he starts to work on Holy Art, fulfilling commissions from saints, cherubs and a large production of the divine. Over time he began sculpting human heads with different themes, among clowns, characters like Don Quixote, artists like Frida Kahlo and heads of his favourite saint: Saint Francis.
He currently exhibits his sculpted heads in various exhibitions throughout Brazil and has his work bought by admirers from Brazil and abroad.

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